Queenie Muck

22 January 2014 - Trafalgar Square, London

PROJECT 10 - Trafalgar Square - blurred water - TV setting!

Needed a tripod for this to reduce hand held shake.

f/36  ssp 1/5 to 1/2  ISO100  55mm

Difficult.  Very slow shutter speed.  

Finding The ‘Right’ Speed

How do you decide which is the ‘right’ shutter speed for a moving subject? Well, it’s both a technical and a creative decision. Technically, you need to take into account the subject’s speed, direction of movement and their size in the frame. A close-up subject requires a faster shutter speed than a distant one moving at the same speed, as it moves a proportionally greater distance across the frame during the exposure; for the same reason, subjects moving across the frame need a shorter exposure than those moving towards or away from you. Speed’s the biggest consideration: a car travelling at 100mph, for instance, will need a faster shutter speed to freeze its movement than one travelling at 30mph. The creative decision in all this? You need to decide if you should forget sharpness and ‘embrace the blur’ by using a slower shutter speed. The results can be unpredictable, but can also be aesthetically pleasing.


  • 25 January 2014